Private Sale Financing

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Buying Private Sale

As a buyer, private sale is a great way to purchase a used vehicle and save money. But unless you have a pocket full of cash or exceptional credit, most people who are in the market for a used car and want to buy a private sale vehicle are limited on financing options.

With Gateway Loans financing a private car sale is now possible and can save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars! Choose your car from any private source  and we’ll take care of the rest.

  • Financing , Good or Bad Credit
  • Lien Check & Carfax
  • Vehicle Registration

Selling Private Sale

As a Seller, being able to offer financing for the vehicle your selling will dramatically increase the interest in your private sale listing.  Potential buyers with no credit or less then perfect credit  would otherwise have little options but to purchase from dealerships who offer financing. 

Gateway Financing & Auto Sales can now bridge that gap between buyers and sellers through financing.  We have access to many lenders that is ready to approve your buyer no matter their credit history.  Unlike our name suggest we do not carry inventory as our business model is simply financing.  

The best part is that their is no cost to you as a seller to use our services and we do not finance more then the agreed price between you and your buyer…meaning we do not mark up your vehicle as we get paid from the lender we refer business to.



Finance Q&A

Yes. Many dealerships view bankruptcy as a bad thing. We view it as a fresh start and there are excellent programs available to help you into your next vehicle. Auto Loans with 99% Approval whether you have no credit, bad credit, or good credit, we’ll get you into a great vehicle today with our fast & easy process!
Every time you apply for a loan it will be reported on your credit bureau. When you apply for a pre-approval we target the lenders that are most likely to give you favorable response – reducing the total inquires to your credit file.
Yes as we have many lending programs dedicated to people who are new to credit.
There are specific programs available through our lender partners to help with people while still in bankruptcy/consumer proposal. This will take a little extra time as we will require some information from your trustee, but there are still great options available.
Don’t worry. Most people still owe money on the car they want to trade in. We apply the positive or negative equity towards your new monthly payments.
Yes. And in most cases we can use your trade in as your down payment to help lower your monthly
In most cases a down payment is not required.
The total amount that your loan will be pre-approved for, depends on several factors. Our financial specialist will work hard with you to find a vehicle that fits comfortably into your monthly budget.
Applying Online is free! If and when you decide to purchase a vehicle whether it be cash or taking advantage of one of the finance programs, we will go over all costs associate with buying a vehicle.
We work with all the major non-prime lenders who specialize in: bad credit, no credit, slow or late repayments, repossessions, good credit, bankruptcy, divorce, consumer proposals, new to country, R9’s, self-employed, and many other unique situations.
Once you submit your credit application, from there they will work as quickly as possible to secure an approval for you. Often times you are able to pick up a vehicle with 2 days.
Interest rates vary depending on a variety of factors, however our rates do start as low as 4.9%. The easiest way to know exactly what you’ll be looking at is to apply online and one of our credit specialist will contact you and go over all the details.
Yes, less than perfect credit is what we specialize in. Gateway Loans works by matching you up with the best possible lender, based on your credit situation giving you the best chance of an approval.
We have extensive resources, special finance lenders and experience in helping people with less than perfect credit. Even if you have been turned down recently for a car loan, we may have access to lenders others don’t.